Cape Town

Basalt Home


Jacques Erasmus, chef, designer and artist behind Cape Town dining institution Hemelhuijs, launched Basalt, a homeware range. Promising to be in keeping with Jacques's dedication to craftsmanship and obsession with aesthetics and quality. The word refers to the organic matt black volcanic compound that inspired his first collection of black ceramic tableware.

A block of clay is carefully wedged, hand turned with skill on the potter’s wheel and allowed to dry, with respect for the passing of time. Vessels are hand finished and fired in small batches with glaze recipes dating back as far as the 17th century, and often fired up to four times to achieve vitrification and durability.

" We do not sell just another plate or cup or bowl. We provide our clients with the service of craftsmanship, the pride of quality over quantity and, most of all, the passion for a product entirely made by the human hand. "

Pieces are designed by drawing from the ancient to the modern-day. Each and every vase, plate or bowl is a manifestation of the passion for quality and craftsmanship. The designs are all about creating a sense of everyday luxury – ordinary things done beautifully. The design approach is it should be simple, timeless and, most of all, comfortable.