Cape Town

Jade Paton


Jade Paton is a Cape Town-based ceramic artist creating contemporary, sculptures from clay. Jade's ceramic pieces are inspired by her background in sculpture making during her studies in fine art. She has been exploring new avenues of making: fine art, floristry, zine-publishing and macrame.

She believes that the boundaries between art and design are now more blurred than ever before. Jade’s process includes sketching shapes that have room to evolve. “It has to feel right – the proportions, textures and colour have to work in harmony. I don’t force anything.” She works organically and on multiple pieces at a time, as she embraces the surprises that come with working with clay. While some vases are being crafted, others are drying and the rest are being fired.

“ I like that my pieces feel both functional and sculptural. ”

The end results are sophisticated but with a warm, hand-formed style. Her designs are always changing with the combination of natural muted tones and bright, saturated hues. Her vases are related but each has individual, strong and unique personalities. - Alix-Rose Cowie from Sight Unseen.


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