Cape Town

Pina Jewels

Jewellery Designers

Not only did they want to bring something sustainable to the world of plastic jewellery, but their designs also aim to bridge the gap between the pieces that we would try to make as kids, through using plastic beads and toys; all while trying to mirror the style of our mothers and grandmothers.

Pina is about not taking anything too seriously. It is about realising that something as gimmicky as plastic, can change your mood, change an experience and change an attitude.

" Pina was created to spark joy and to embark upon feelings of nostalgia, playfulness and attitude! "

Pina is about using what is around you to create something glamorous, fun and funky, for yourself and for others to be apart of. They want you to wear them on your best hair day and your worst, take us to your favourite restaurant, gift us to your friends, show us to your grandmother and take them with you on all of your adventures!